Hi my name is Michael and I’m a currently employed 24 year old self taught programmer working for a blockchain company. My fields of interest include c++ programming, cryptography, networking, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and remote control boat building and racing.

Realsolid from solidcoin/microcash/mcxnow fame suggested I start a blog to document the thing I am working on at the moment which is MicroCash. I got in touch with Realsolid and asked if I could look at his source for the project after reading a lot on the forums about it. Realsolid initially showed some distrust in my reasons for wanting the source but eventually after some discussions of my interests he relinquished them.

I have studied Bitcoin code a lot in the last year in an attempt to understand it at a low level. I saw many ways it could be improved and wondered why it hadn’t changed much over the nearly 6 years it has been around. I looked around to see what other people had been doing in the altcoins and such and found not much reason to be excited. But I stumbled across some posts from Realsolid which also criticized Bitcoin for being too stagnant which in turn led me to his projects (SolidCoin and MicroCash). After some reading I became very interested and wanted to contribute , unfortunately the project has stagnated for 2 years now and the source code was unreleased.

And here we are.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. roméo says:

    It’s very nice you took over the project. It would have been a shame if all this work to go down the drain.
    You seems like a very competent person, self-taught like Realsolid.
    How did you learn to code exactly? I know RS used videogames at first.

    About microcash, one aspect of it was the initial distribution. It is supposed to use Solidcoin balance.
    That’s what gave Solidcoin some value and and some people like me choose to buy some because we believed in the project.

    What are your plans about the initial distribution?


    • Thank you for your kind comments. I mainly taught myself when I was 13 by playing around with file sharing projects like eDonkey. Then I got interested with Bit-Torrent and have worked on many projects involving networking and cryptography. I was working for an online media company doing their backend work for a couple of years but just got tired of the grind. Programming to me is more a hobby than an occupation.

      I have not spent any time thinking about the initial distribution yet. I may have another algorithm so preseeding is not needed, I still need to talk to Realsolid about this.


  2. callmejack says:

    I really like innovation in the crypto industry and hope many people can see the technical differences to todays coins and the advantages MicroCash has.
    For now all I can do to support you is to add a link to your blog into my bitcointalk signature.

    Please let me know if this is ok or wether I should change or remove it.


  3. Alex says:

    Michael, Great work So Far! I am a graphic designer. I wanted to know if you need help. I could do a nice logo or help you with the wallet design. If you are interested please write to me by email.


  4. Alex says:

    Michael, please check your mails.


  5. Notyep says:

    Alex, awesome job on the logo!! 😉


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