Transactions… Addresses and PROGRESS

I have been busy refactoring parts of the networking and messaging class and building the basic structure of the main message between nodes. Transactions!

Realsolid has also been quite busy recently and is currently reworking the MicroCash address system. The old MC addresses were generated simply by running the BLAKE 512bit 100 times over the public key. They also had padding so they looked like this

micro(IZ2P65UBDJKTV6ZIN)cash  .

A very key element to MicroCash addresses in my opinion is that they be shorter than the Bitcoin ones. I believe if they are like credit card numbers then it will be easier for people to remember them completely in their head.

The new MicroCash addresses are generated by running up to 4 different hashes over the public key a number of times. And they end up looking like this.


Very much like a serial code and very easy to remember if someone used it a few times. I like this new change a lot myself. Another thing I want to look at is actually using user-generated names for addresses but I will discuss this in another post.

My transaction work is about tying up the EdDSA code and then getting the nodes to verify each others transactions. Currently there is no balance ledger code to check against but that will be coming after transactions! Progress is very good at the moment, I hope to have an alpha of the code available within a few weeks. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Transactions… Addresses and PROGRESS

  1. jon says:

    Thank you for all the updates! It’s great to read about what’s going on.


  2. jon says:

    By the way, can you confirm that Solid Coins will be converted into MicroCash when it is released?


  3. box says:

    Thank you for the updates. Always nice to here about progress.


  4. sarcor says:

    When can we buy MicroCasH?

    You and RS will do GREAT!


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