EdDSA added

I had a nice surprise this morning as Realsolid had pushed some code that contained a complete C++ implementation of EdDSA . This is similar to the ECDSA that Bitcoin uses but is more modern and something that many believe is more secure and faster.

At the moment it is the non ASM version of Ed25519 which is quite a bit slower than the ASM version. But for now it means we can sign and verify transactions in MicroCash! This code is extremely important to the security of the network and unlike Bitcoin this code is included as part of MicroCash. No 3rd party libraries are involved which makes it much easier to find potential problems or streamline the code.

I have also added it to the Benchmark since it is so important.



One thought on “EdDSA added

  1. +1 for using Ed25519 instead of ECDSA


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