Progress and node funding

I have finished the majority of basic networking and node messaging in MicroCash. Currently a node can connect to other nodes completely encrypted and send a “JOIN” message. Then they stay in contact using regular PINGs.

I currently do not have any node advertisement features which will allow the P2P network to properly mesh together, you would need to know a MicroCash IP to connect to. It is also currently completely IPv6 with no IPv4 support. Realsolid stated I should support IPv4 to ensure proper global meshing but I will have to think about it. The reason I like IPv6 is that there are no issues when it comes to connecting to other nodes like there is with IPv4 and its “Network Address Translation”. Node searching is currently done by endpoint which is the 16bytes of the IPv6 address so to support IPv4 I will need to modify this.

In the old MicroCash sources there is support for a node to tell another node its MicroCash address when it connects to it. What use is this? What it was planned for is to allow nodes to send each other MicroCash if they think they are doing a good job. A way to fund the P2P network through donations and gifts. In Bitcoin there is currently no advantage to running a node on the network, even though every node is actually another point of resilience in the distribution chain there is no reward for doing it in Bitcoin. I think this is a mistake. A great way to have a healthy network is to support peer to peer funding.

So what that means is if you want to donate some MicroCash to a cause that is going to help the network you can run a node, add some coins to your “Node donation” address and slowly fund nodes that act as good participants. If even just a handful of generous people do this the entire system should spread the cash fairly evenly around allowing people who have no MicroCash a means to get them while also helping out. A win-win in my books.


One thought on “Progress and node funding

  1. Bigrah says:

    I also think IPv4 is reqired. It has its problems with NAT but here in europe nearly no provider gives you IPv6 today.. And if so then the users have home routers that cant use it.

    If the thin clients work and you dont need every user to have a node thats great for later. But early adopters want there own nodes an wallets i think.

    I will provide a microcash node 24/7 on IPv6 and v4 for sure.


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