Introducing myself

Hi my name is Michael and I’m a currently unemployed 23 year old self taught programmer. My fields of interest include c++ programming, cryptography, networking, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and remote control boat building and racing.

Realsolid from solidcoin/microcash/mcxnow fame suggested I start a blog to document the thing I am working on at the moment which is MicroCash. I got in touch with Realsolid and asked if I could look at his source for the project after reading a lot on the forums about it. Realsolid initially showed some distrust in my reasons for wanting the source but eventually after some discussions of my interests he relinquished them.

I have studied Bitcoin code a lot in the last year in an attempt to understand it at a low level. I saw many ways it could be improved and wondered why it hadn’t changed much over the nearly 6 years it has been around. I looked around to see what other people had been doing in the altcoins and such and found not much reason to be excited.  But I stumbled across some posts from Realsolid which also criticized Bitcoin for being too stagnant which in turn led me to his projects (SolidCoin and MicroCash). After some reading I became very interested and wanted to contribute , unfortunately the project has stagnated for 2 years now and the source code was unreleased.

And here we are.


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  1. Bigrah says:

    Very Cool! Thanks for the updates and the work!!


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